Dear GOD, where do you live?

Can we have your address, please? On which street in heaven do you live?

We know you are not at places where innocent civilians become homeless by the bombing of their homes. They make citizens refugees in their own countries. Many children lose their parents and other family members.

We see your idols still sitting on the shelves of the shattered houses and your pictures hanging on the exposed walls. You were there, but you silently slipped before this destruction.

You don’t live in places where humans and animals are tortured.

You ignore places where men and women are executed for their religious beliefs.

Even you don’t live in slaughterhouses.

You shut your eyes not to look at the sick struggling for their lives in the hospitals.

You close your ears not to hear cries of humans dying of hunger and need for shelter. They keep on calling you.

You are not there where people lose their lives and properties because of fire, floods, and other calamities.


You like highly decorated fabulous man-made places of worship.

The places built of hand-carved Italian Carrara marble, Turkish limestone, and Indian pink stone.

Tons of pure gold should gild the dome, the walls, and the doors.

You live in colorful and attractive icons and anicons, paintings, idols, and sculptures, everything created by humans according to their imaginations and beliefs.

Mahatma Buddha

They consider you to be an actual person in these man-made pieces and pictures, talk to you as if you are listening to them.

There are millions and millions of your dwelling houses spread over every nook and corner of the world.

Not only that, but they are also creating more and more extensive and magnificent venues for your divine abode.

They are searching for you in holy books.

Interpreting according to their understanding of which of the religions is better. They eliminate those who are not on the same page.

Some people say you live on the 7th sky. Others say you live in between heaven and earth.

Some people believe you live on the snow-clad peaks of Himalaya.

In which of them you live?


Is there any place on earth that we can say yes here is where we can locate you? We can feel your existence?

If you are present everywhere, then why there is a need for so many places of worship?

Please move out of your comfort zone for a moment and see how ordinary people are suffering and striving to survive.

The manpower and money-power used in raising these places should have been used on the betterment of mankind.


Your auspicious presence should bring a big transformation within the behavior of those who are fortunate enough to visit your places. But we see the least change in them.

They keep on coming to you again and again as if they forgot something to tell you.

The priests who live with you 24/7 365 days feel nothing extraordinary than those who hardly believe in you. You never appreciate their services to make you comfortable.

Is there something wrong with our understanding? Is our faith in you is just an illusion?

Are we deceiving ourselves?


The gods always play where lakes are,

where the sun’s rays are warded off by umbrellas of lotus leaf clusters,

and where clear water paths are made by swans

whose breasts toss the white lotus hither and thither,

where swans, ducks, curleys, and paddy birds are heard,

and animals rest nearby in the shade of Nicula trees on the river banks.

The gods always play where rivers have for their bracelets

the sound of curleys and the voice of swans for their speech,

water as their garment, carps for their zone,

the flowering trees on their banks as earrings,

the confluence of rivers as their hips,

raised sandbanks as breasts and plumage of swans their mantle.

The gods always play where groves are near, rivers,

mountains and springs, and in towns with pleasure gardens.

— Brihat Samhita 1.60.4-8, 6th Century AD

Are we still unaware of your actual abode?

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