Thank you CORONA!

Thanks, corona for bringing us close to each other around the world. From east to west and north to south of the world, we are much concerned about the well-being of fellow humans. There are no borders, boundaries, and barriers that can stop the free flow of our feelings to each other.

Now, we know our neighbors very well. Families and friends are close to each other. Children are with their parents and grandparents.

We have forgotten our political and religious differences. Our fights with each other have stopped and we are fighting together against you.

You have taken few lives but as humans, we stand with aggrieved families. We are taking care of those who are still struggling to come out of your clutches. No doubt, we will be successful in that mission.

Our sympathy is with the employees and daily earners who have lost their earnings. We are thankful to those who are working for us 24/7 to keep the system running.

Should we not thank corona for all about this?

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